Abby Hatcher is the eponymous main character of the series with the same name. She and her family that

just moved into an old, mysterious hotel possibly filled with mysterious, yet fuzzy creatures called Fuzzlies.

Relationships Edit


Abby is Bozzly's very best friend, and they have a strong bond. Abby enjoys playing with Bozzly and being silly with him. She hugs him quite often. When it's time to save fuzzlies, Bozzly rides on the bike with Abby, as he is her sidekick as well as BFF. Abby enjoys his company he rides on the bike with her, and he is always standing right by her side. He helps Abby think of ideas to save the fuzzlies. They share the same room. Grumbles Grumbles is Abby's friend that can morph into anything. Abby and Bozzly helped him to get rid of the hiccups and his shyness. She also helped him to not be afraid of getting his fur trimmed. Mumbles Princess Flug

Princess Flug is Abby's friend. She is gooey but Abby doesn't mind. Abby and Bozzly have saved her quite a few times, since she gets in to trouble. Cousin Flugtilda Abby barely sees Cousin Flugtilda, as she is only seen in the episode with the same name. Flugtilda and Abby immediately became friends when she appeared in the courtyard. Princess Flug got jealous of the attention and ran away, but Abby convinced her that she is loved. Teeny Terry Teeny Terry is Abby's teeny friend. Abby saves him when he gets frustrated and blows up like a balloon. With the help of Bozzly, Abby makes sure Teeny Terry lives in harmony. Otis Otis is Abby's friend. He takes Abby and Bozzly to wherever they need to go, especially to their room. Otis has gotten bruises, but Abby treated him with her care case. Mo and Bo Mo and Bo are Abby's twin fuzzly friends. They enjoy tap dancing with her and Bozzly. But sometimes it can get oud of hand, like in Otis' Sick Day where they were blocking the elevator with their dancing, and in Tappin' Mo and Bo where their tap dancing shook the floor. Squeaky Peepers Abby enjoys the Squeaky Peepers music, and makes her work fun. She soothes them often with the Peeper Pitch Pipe. When one of them is missing they get a squeaky Peeper panic, but Abby and Bozzly make sure they keep together at all times. Curly Curly is Abby's springy friend, but mainly Chef Jeff's BFF. She likes giving Abby rides around the hotel and is seen to be good at basketball, in Chef Curly.

Ethnicity Edit

Abby and her mother Miranda have some Chinese heritage as Abby refers to one of her grandmothers (Miranda's mom) as Wai Po, a Chinese term for grandma (外婆).  Other than that, she's an American like most of the other characters in the TV series.

Description Edit

Abby is a spirited, happy 7-year-old girl who loves to help and befriend every Fuzzly around her along with her friend and sidekick Bozzly with fuzzly-helping gadgets at her disposal.

Gadgets Edit

Gadgetry she has used include:

  • head-hugging helmet
  • goo-gripper gloves
  • bomber blimp jacket (mistakenly described in captions as "former blimp jacket", this is a reference to bomber jackets and bomber blimps aka zeppelins, it inflates)
  • zoomer-view specs, built into her pink glasses
  • her Fuzzly Spotter, a purple and orange wristwatch on her left wrist
  • her shoes (bluish-purple sneakers) contain two hidden functions:
    • pogo-spring shoes which let her jump high
    • super-sticky shoes alliterative like goo-gripper gloves which perform the same function, she uses them in Fairy Tale Fuzzly to climb a wall quadripedally

Physical Appearance Edit

Abby has pinkish-white skin, jade-green eyes with pink-framed glasses, and purple hair in a high ponytail with a pink bow.

Her regular wardrobe consists of a black t-shirt with a pink heart in the middle, a pink knee-length skirt with an orange belt with black shorts underneath, and orange and red striped socks. Her shoes are purple high-tops with white soles and laces and a pink heart on the bottom, which becomes springs or suctions depending on her gadgets.

Quotes Edit


  • "Spizzacular!"
  • "Brain Spark!"
  • "The Fuzzly Spotter!"
  • "Fuzzly trouble, can't delay!"
  • "Ready, Bozzly?"
  • "Then let's ride!"
  • "(Gadget), activate!"
  • "Fuzzblat!"
  • "Hey world! Abby Hatcher here."
  • (Stomach rumbling) "I'm hungry, too."


  • "Give me something huge, Harriet!" - Peeper Time Blues

Trivia Edit

  • Abby first appears in When Abby Met Bozzly, when her and her family are moving into the Hatcher Palace Hotel.
  • In the promotional interstitials on Nick Jr., Abby was voiced by Sofie Zamchick, better known for her role of Linny on The Wonder Pets.
  • Abby is sometimes drawn with lower lashes and other times she is not.
  • Abby is the second protagonist in a Nick Jr. show with a Chinese background, the first being Kai-Lan from Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.
  • For the first few produced episodes, Abby had lower lashes; in later episodes, she does not.
  • Abby might have a curfew, as mentioned in "Trick or Treat Otis" she and the Fuzzlies had to be home by dark.
  • Her snug was made by her Fuzzly friends as she had nowhere to sleep over Melvin's loud snoring.-Abby's Snug
  • Abby is seen as leader of the Fuzzlies, when they crossed over with another TV Show, PAW Patrol.
  • Abby's best friend and sidekick is Bozzly.
  • She cannot see without her glasses on.
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