This is a story about the engine Bort, and how he get's a chance to go down into valley, where he once worked.

Story Edit

Part 1: The Controller's Message Edit

It was a hot sunny day on the Island of Songo. The sun was shining, and the birds were singing. Up high in the mountains were the Feras Narrow Gauge Engines, Bort was cheerfully puffing along the line, pulling his two favorite coaches (Andy and Carl). The passengers weren't complaining, so Bort was happier than ever.


Bort is happy

When Bort arrived at the station, he was tired but happy. He saw his friend Cloey there, and the two of them began to chatter.

"Good Morning Cloey!" began Bort "How are you today?". "Very good" replied Cloey "As happy as can be".

The two engines talked until the conductor told them it was time to go. Just as Cloey was pulling away, she remembered something and stopped. "Stay put Bort, the controller is coming to see you later!" "Ok," shouted Bort "I will."

About 10 minutes later, Mr. Controller arrived. He looked stern, but was obviously happy. He boomed a gretting at Bort and got right down to business. "Bort, you've been working very hard recently, and I think it's time for a vacation." "Thank you Sir" answered Bort. "I've decided to send you to relax on your old railway" said the the Controller. "You mean-?" "Yes, the Valley Railway."

Bort was so excited, he couldn't help but blow his whistle. After five or six loud BEEP BEEPs and a happy 'thank you', Bort Raced off, as happy as could be.

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