Day 1
Season 01, Episode 01
Air date 8/9/2
Written by Mark Flinstone
Directed by David Mitton
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Day 2

Day 1 is the third episode in Season #1.

Story Edit

Part 1 of 3 Edit

The Fat Controller sends Duck to the moutains for a rest and to be more carefull. When Duck gets there he shunts trucks but, one truck starts rolling down the hill! "Hahahahah You'll never catch me!" Duck races after them yelling, "I will catch you and will do it in a snap!"

Duck follows the truck when it rolls over a the hill and runs straight down a 1,000,000 mile long Mine which goes right down a hill that has not been tryed by any engine except, Sir Kickel. Duck still raced down to save the day and risk his life for it all.

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