is was a lovely spring day on sodor. the engines loved the spring. one day, the great northern engine had arrived. everyone was excited. thomas and james were at the docks. cranky began to unload the new engine. "you are too heavy!" cranky shouted to the new engine.soon, lucas was on the rails. james was grossed out by the new engine's looks. "who is this ugly old engine?!!?" asked james. "this is lucas, the great northern engine." said sir topham hatt. "he was the strongest engine in his railway." james looked at lucas. james once again was grossed out. "now lucas, I have a job for you. you are to take a load of spare parts from the smelters and take it to the sodor steamworks." sir topham hatt said. "yes sir!" said lucas. later, james went to talk to lucas. "hey, lucas, you are an improper engine." teased james. "oh, really? then why is that?" lucas argued. "for example," said james "your boiler is too large, your funnel is too gigantic, and your parts are neglected!" lucas was cross. "what? I am not a proper engine? well, I will show you, james!" shouted lucas. the next day, james was pulling a train to aresdale end. "ha! lucas is a awful engine. he is very weak!" replied james. then, there was trouble. there was a warning sign. it said "warning, blocked tunnlel!" james did not see the sign, and puffed carelessly past it. then james went closer to the tunnel, and saw a brick wall blocking it from the inside. "OH NOOO!" shouted james. his driver applied the brakes, but it was too late! james crashed through the brick wall. james was depressed. his boiler was completely neglected from the accident. "we are stuck here forever!" shouted james. he was freaked out. "I will call sir topham hatt!" said his driver. later, sir topham hatt picked up the phone. "james had a incident? I will send lucas and rocky on the double!" said sir topham hatt. back at the shed, sir topham hatt arrived for lucas. "lucas, you must save james. he has crashed into the blocked tunnel. you must save him." said sir topham hatt. lucas was shocked. "OH, NO! do not worry sir! I will save him!" said lucas bravely. he coupled up to rockey, and set off for his mission. later, james was sulking in the tunnel. suddenly, a loud three-chime steam whistle blew. I was lucas! james was happy. "oh, thank you, lucas." he sighed. rockey lifted james onto the flatbed, leaving his tender on the track. then lucas pulled rockey, james, and james' tender to the steamworks. the next day after james was repaired, they met at the junction. "thank you, lucas. I now know you are a proper engine." said james. "thanks, james." said lucas. "We may be different, but we are both really useful." they became the best of happy friends ever since.