James is a shiny, bright-red mixed-traffic tender engine. He is 15 years old. He will soon be voiced by Keith Wickham and Rob Rackstraw in the upcoming live action/CGI movie: Thomas and Friends the Magical Railroad Adventures.

James in Thomas and Friends the Magical Railroad Adventures

James in Season 3


Build year and constructed by

1913 by Horwich Works

English voice actor(s)

Keith Wickham (UK; Hero of the Rails onwards)
Kerry Shale (US; Hero of the Rails to Season 18)
Rob Rackstraw (US; The Adventure Begins onwards)
Tom Kenny (US; Thomas' Tales from Sodor only)

Spanish voice actor(s)

Mario Castaneda

1st appearance

Thomas and the Breakdown Train


George Hughes

Wheel configuration


Arrived on Sodor


Restoration after shutting down of the North Western RailwayEdit

James was going to be scrapped by Woodham Brothers Ltd, and James was sent to the railway scrapyard in Glamorgan, Wales, but when a worker who was a huge fan of him and the TTTE series spotted him while walking to a blowtorch shed, he was very happy, and had him restored and sold to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. James ran trains usually loaded with American tourists, but he was purchased by Dennis and Isaiah, as part of the revival of the NWR.

Info from: The New Adventures of Fatty's Engines website.

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