Narrator: Rosie was feeling proud about being a feisty energetic engine, she boasted endlessly about it, but she worked very hard, too, and made everything go like clockwork, it was a lovely perfect afternoon.

Narrator: The Freight Cars and coaches behaved well, and the passengers even quit grumbling, but the train engines didn’t like having to bustle about it."

Rosie: “There are some other ways of doing everything around here.”

Narrator: Rosie told them.

Rosie: “The train engine way or the wrong way, I’m a feisty energetic engine, and.........."

Thomas + Percy + Gordon + Henry + James: “Don’t we know about it.”

Narrator: They all groaned in unison.

Narrator: The Train Engines were lucky when a familiar visitor came.

Narrator: She moved around smoothly towards them.

Narrator: The manager introduced her.

Railroad Manager: “This is Daisy, we always agreed to give her a fair trial, she needs to learn everything about good behavior and bad behavior, please teach her those things, Rosie."

Daisy: "Good afternoon."

Narrator: said Daisy in her fancy tone of voice.

Daisy: “Pleasure to meet you, Rosie, is that Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Henry and James too? I’m pleased to meet such wonderful train engines.”

Narrator: The crazy train engines were flattered.

Thomas + Percy + Gordon + Henry + James: “She’s very beautiful.”

Narrator: they all said in unison. 

Thomas + Percy + Gordon + Henry + James: “We’re lucky to have her in our train engine yard.”

Narrator: Rosie had her doubts.

Rosie: “Come on, Daisy.”

Narrator: Rosie said as Daisy trundled after her.

Daisy: “You’re lucky our railroad inspector.........”

Rosie: “Our manager………”

Narrator: Ordered Rosie.

Narrator: Daisy looked shocked.

Daisy: “You’re lucky our manager thinks I need a lot to learn, he’s quite mistaken, we diesel engines don’t need to learn anything, we already know everything, we come to a yard and improve it, we’re revolutionary.”

Rosie: “Yeah?”

Narrator: said Rosie.

Rosie: "If you’re revolutionary, maybe you would collect my Freight Cars while I go get Henry’s coaches."

Narrator: Daisy, thrilled to show off, trundled away.

Narrator: when Rosie returned, Daisy was trying to take some Freight Cars form a siding, they were empty and very old, and haven’t been touched for a long time, Daisy found them hard to move around.

Daisy: “Pull, push, backwards, frontwards!”

Freight Cars: “No, no!”

Narrator: The Freight Cars groaned in unison.

Freight Cars: “We can’t, we won’t!”

Narrator: Rosie watched with excitement and interest.

Narrator: Daisy had lost her patience.

Daisy: Grrrrargh!

Narrator: she growled angrily, and gave 1 great heave.

Narrator: The Freight Cars jerked frontward.

Freight Cars: “Oh……. No!”

Narrator: The Freight Cars screamed in unison.

Freight Cars: “We can’t, we won’t!”

Narrator: Some of their joints snapped apart and their wheels jammed in the lower position.

Daisy: Grrrrargh!

Rosie: “Tee hee, hee!”

Narrator: chuckled Rosie.

Narrator: Daisy recovered and tried to push the Freight Cars back, but they wouldn’t move.

Narrator: Rosie trundled silently around to collect the other Freight Cars.

Rosie: “Thanks for arranging those, Daisy, I must go now.”

Daisy: “Don’t you want this lot, Rosie?”

Rosie: “No thanks.”

Narrator: Daisy gulped nervously.

Daisy: “And I already took all of this trouble? why didn’t you tell me?”

Rosie: “You never asked me, Daisy, besides.”

Narrator: said Rosie.

Rosie: “You were having such fun being whatever it was you said, goodbye.”

Daisy: Grrrrargh!

Narrator: Daisy had to help the drivers and firemen clean up the mess, and she hated it, all of the Freight Cars were laughing and singing at her."

Freight Cars: (singing) Freight Cars are waiting in the yard tackling them with lazy show the world what I can do gaily boasts the Daisy in and out she creeps about like a big green crazy when she takes the wrong Freight Cars out pop goes the Daisy.

Daisy: Grrrrargh!

Narrator: growled Daisy, and she trundled away to sulk in her diesel engine shed.

End of Part 1……………..