So, in the original Wally's Wonderland script, there is a couple of differences in this than the new Willy's story. One of the biggest differences is the line up of animatronics. While Willy Weasel, Ozzie Ostrich and Siren Sara remain the same (aside from Willy being named Wally and having purple fur), the others were completely different animals. So, Schneider Tunes has made drawings of these scrapped animatronics from the Wally's story, while putting a photo of an animatronic from the Willy's story next to them, to show what animatronic that scrapped animatronic had been replaced with. I was wondering if you can draw them for me, because I think that they deserve much more attention.

Gus Gorilla was originally a short grumpy blue bear named Beary, who would often say puns with his name.


Arty Alligator was originally a redneck dog named Douglas, who would say canine puns, and at one point was watching two of the teenagers banging each other, and was enjoying it, which is pretty dirty but hilarious.


Knighty Knight was originally a pirate that resembled Captain Hook from Peter Pan, named Pirate Pete.


Tito Turtle was originally a penguin named Pauly, who had eyes that can spin and wings that flap around.


And Cammy Chameleon was originally a horse-faced rabbit named Regina.

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